Nail Art Salon in Delhi

What is Nail Art?

Nail Art Salon in Delhi

Nail art is a creative process of painting, decorating, enhancing, and embellishing the nails. It is a type of artwork that is done on toenails and fingernails, usually after manicures or pedicures. Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments that trim, shape, and polish the nails. This process also involves the removing of cuticles and softening the skin around the Nails. There are many types of Manicures & Pedicures ranging from polishing on natural nails to powder dipping and acrylic nails.

This type of Art also includes painting decorative designs on the fingernails. Many varieties of designs are available ranging from subtle and minimal to funky and jazzy. You will need a professional for complex designs, but it’s possible to create simple nail art at home.

The First step to any successful nail design is cleaning and shaping the nails. This is done by trimming the nails and filling it to uneven the rough surface of the Nails.

Types of nail Art Designs

1. Nail Styling & Art

Nail Art Design

This is the most Basic and Simple Type of Art which Doesn’t require visiting Nail Art Salon in Delhi and can also be done at Home. The designs are very simple and often comprising of one or two colors.

2. 3D, 4D Nail Art Set

3d Nail Art Design

In this type of Art multidimensional designs or patterns are made on the fingernails. Sometimes, they are created on fake or acrylic nails and then applied onto the natural nails.

3. Glossy Nail Art

Glossy Finish Nail Art

As the Name Suggests, Glossy Nail Art is a type of Artwork in which the nails are give high gloss or sheen. Air Brush Technique is often considered as the best in this type of Art.

4. Matte Nail Art

Matte Finish Nail Art

Matte Nail are increasingly popular style nowadays. The Matte finish Gives the Nails a distinct texture which is bound to attract attention. Matte Nail Art looks the best with Darker color Shades.

5. Chrome Nail Art

Chrome Finish Nail Art

Chrome Nail Art Gives the Nails a metallic color and shine. It usually looks like Steel or Aluminum Surface. This type of Art requires a lot of attention and care as a little damage to the nails become easily visible.

6. Glitter Nail Art

Glitter applied on Nail Art

Small shiny particles called Glitter is used in this type of Nail Art. Glitters can be mixed with Nail Paint and Applied Directly, or Spread on the surface of undried Nail Paint.

Is it Possible to do Nail art at home?

Yes, Simple Nail Art can be done at Home, but intricate and complex design requires the precision of a Professional and Trained Nail Artist.

Steps to do Nail art at Home

  1. Purchasing a good Nail Art Kit: We Recommend purchasing Store2508® Super Value Combo Kit of Nail Art Tools. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy this.
  2. Removing of Old Nail Polish: Any old Nail Polish should be removed properly before doing any kind of Art on Nails. Nail Polish can be removed by using Nail Polish Remover.
  3. Trimming and Filing of Nails: You should trim your Nails properly and file them to remove any rough edges. Nails should not be trimmed too much as designs tend to look better on Long Nails.
  4. Application of a Basecoat: Basecoats are usually Transparent in Color. There are many advantages of using Basecoat such as protecting our nails from harsh Chemicals, discoloring & Chipping.
  5. Final Step: Application of Paints, Glitter and Jewels. You can get creative by using multiple colors, shades, gradients and more. One can also draw patterns or drawings if you are confident enough.

7 Most Popular Techniques of Nail Art

1. Brush Painting

Nail Art Paint Brush

It is the Most Common form of Nail Painting and also the easiest one. As the name suggests, Brush Painting is one using Synthetic Brushes with fine Bristles which come in various shapes and sizes. Usually Nail Paints come with Nail Brushes, but for higher accuracy one will require multiple types of brushes such as flat, angled, detailing etc.

2. Stamping

Nail Art using Stamps

Image Source

In this technique, a base paint is applied first and then a pattern or design is stamped on top of it using a stamp plate. A transparent coating is often required to uneven the surface and getting glossy finish.

3. Taping

Nail Art using Scotch Tape

Image Source

This Technique also requires the application of a Base Coat. Basically Tape is used to cover up areas which are required to be in Base Color Itself. After Application of next color our pattern, the tape is removed revealing the Base color which gives a distinct look.

4. Digital Nail Art Printing

Digital Nail Art Printing Machine

Image Source

This Technique is fully Digital and Automated. Hence, It can produce the most intricate designs in the shortest span of Time. These Machines are expensive and hence not recommended for home use. 

5. Using Stencils

Nail Art Stencils

Image Source

Stencils are thin Nail Shaped Materials with cut out designs and patterns on them. These Stencils are placed on top of nails and then Nail Paint is applied through those cutouts. 

6. Air Brush Nail Art

Air Brush Nail Art

Image Source

Water based Nail Paints are mostly used in Air Brush Nail Art. In this technique Nail Paint is sprayed in the form of fine droplets onto the Nails. This can be combined with stencils or stickers to get the desired look.

7. Decals and Stickers

Red Nail Art Sticker & Decals

Image Source

This is one of the latest trends in Nail Fashion. As the name suggests its just a sticker applied on the nails with base coat applied. It is very easy to apply and therefore perfect for home use. 

Cost of Nail Art in Delhi

Nail Art Per Finger

Rs. 25 to Rs. 160

Nail art jewellery

Rs. 5 to Rs. 150

Nail piercing

Rs. 200 onwards

3D nail art

Rs. 200 onwards

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